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Download the Loyol Unlimited mobile app, available for iOS and Android. Once downloaded, create a user profile and link your credit/debit card. No need to worry, your information is safe. We do not capture any of your bank login info. Our automation is done using the same process as many of the most popular apps on the market, like Venmo. Your journey of automatic loyalty rewards has just begun!



Once your Loyol profile is created and a bank card is linked, it's time to start earning! Whenever you make a purchase using your linked card at a business on the Loyol platform, your earnings are automatically credited to your Loyol account. No need to sign up for countless individual loyalty programs.- We make it simple. Loyol hosts all business loyalty programs on our platform, while you use one convenient app to track the points you receive. All businesses and everyone's rewards in one place. 



Once you earn enough punches or points based on qualifying purchases at business set up on the Loyol Unlimited rewards platform, it's time to reap the benefits. You will be able to redeem all loyalty rewards you've earned straight from the Loyol Unlimited app. Simply select the business and reward you'd like to redeem and show to the business.  The business will simply redeem it just like a Groupon. That's it - saving simplified!

App Store715235.png
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Loyol Unlimited began out of a problem - a problem all of us are all too familiar with. While going to pay at a local favorite restaurant, missing in the mess of all other loyalty and rewards cards was the punch card for a free meal. The reward we had earned was nowhere to be found, making us start right back from scratch. There had to be an easier way to keep track of loyalty rewards and get rid of all of the clutter rewards cards create. Thus, Loyol Unlimited was born.


At Loyol Unlimited, we strive to be the simplest, most user-friendly and all-inclusive loyalty rewards platform possible. Our wallets and purses shouldn't have to be filled with loyalty cards and punch cards to earn rewards from repeat business, only to hope we can find the right cards among all the clutter when they're needed. With our mobile app, we strive to connect you to the most loyalty rewards possible, meaning you never miss a reward! 


Physical loyalty and punch cards are a thing of the past. With Loyol Unlimited, all of the rewards you'll ever need can be found on your smartphone. Simply download the Loyol Unlimited mobile app, create an account, and link your bank account. From there, any purchases made through a business set up with Loyol Unlimited will automatically have rewards synced to your account. Earn without having to search for your loyalty card ever again.



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